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Good Morning. Alphabet Inc.'s Google has taken the fight to Apple and Samsung when on Thursday it unveiled its new Pixel phones and smartwatches. The company said its new phones will deliver improved voice and camera features that are unprecedented.


Still an Android. I mean, iPhone is iPhone, Android is Android duh.

Russia. In a rare instance of public criticism of the Putin regime by a state official, Colonel General Andrei Kartapolov, head of the Russian State Duma Defense Committee, told a journalist that the Kremlin needs to "stop lying" about the progress of the war in Ukraine.

Thailand. A former police officer, who was dismissed over drug charges, killed at least 37 people, including more than 20 children, in a mass shooting at a childcare center. A witness reported the killer was "a parent of one of the kids." After the mass shooting, the gunman returned to his home and killed his wife and son before taking his own life.

Global Economy. The head of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) said that the group plans to lower its 2023 global growth forecast because "the risks of recession are rising." Kristalina Georgieva described the current macro outlook as "a period of historic fragility" due to rising interest rates and a commodities crisis triggered by the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

United States. President Joe Biden has announced a sweeping pardon for thousands of people convicted of marijuana possession under federal laws, penalties that have disproportionately affected Black and other people of colour across the United States. Biden said the move reflects his view that “no one should be in jail just for using or possessing marijuana”.

2001 U.S. Attack on Afghanistan Begins

A U.S.-led coalition begins attacks on Taliban-controlled Afghanistan with an intense bombing campaign by American and British forces. Logistical support was provided by France, Germany, Australia and Canada. The invasion of Afghanistan was the opening salvo in the United States “war on terror” and a response to the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks on New York and Washington, D.C. The conflict in Afghanistan would span two decades and become the longest war in U.S. history.


Gallant Troops

The Story

The Nigerian Army has announced the capture of 79 terrorists in the North-east region of the country.


Troops of the “Operation Hadin Kai’’ (OPHK) captured the terrorists and their collaborators in the last two weeks. This was disclosed by the Director of Defence Media Operations, major general Musa Danmadami, in Abuja on Thursday at the bi-weekly briefing on the operations of the Nigerian armed forces. Some abducted Chibok school girls were also rescued in the period, according to Danmadami.


How many Chibok girls?
According to Danmadami, there were two Chibok girls among 14 abductees that were rescued by the troops, who also eliminated many terrorists in-land and air operations. Danmadami said the Chibok girls - Yana Pogu and Rejoice Senki - and other abductees were rescued at Bula Davo village in Bama Local Government Area of Borno State and Kawur village in Konduga Local Government Area, also in Borno.


A suspected ammunition technician, in whose possession was 300 empty cases of ammunition, was also apprehended at Gorom village in Monguno Local Government Area of Borno state. "Troops recovered six AK47 rifles, 14 AK47 magazines, one HK gun, one G3 rifle, 112 rounds of 7.62mm special, 285 rustled cattle, and eight gallons of petrol within the period in focus", Danmadami said, adding that, "All recovered items and arrested Boko Haram terrorists were handed over to the appropriate authority for further action".


Reimagining Gender Equality

The Story

South Korea's government has announced plans to scrap the country's Ministry of Gender Equality and Family.


This was a significant part of the campaign promises of conservative President Yoon Suk Yeol, who said it was time to launch an agency with a more comprehensive role, saying women in South Korea no longer face structural barriers to success. In contrast to the current approach, which focuses on addressing the disparities women face, Interior and Safety Minister Lee Sang-min stated during a televised briefing on Thursday that government programs for women must be about equal rights for both men and women.


What's the reaction from Koreans?
During the campaign, Yoon faced criticism from Koreans who said that his intention to scrap the Ministry was an appeal to young male voters opposed to policies that promote gender equality in a highly competitive job market. The likelihood of his government's execution of the plan is, however, uncertain as it needs the National Assembly's approval. With the legislature currently controlled by liberal MPs, the main opposition Democratic Party's women's committee has vowed to fight the proposal, arguing that women still experience systemic discrimination.


What's the government's plan on the potential replacement?
According to the Interior and Safety Minister, who commended the current gender equality ministry for its efforts in addressing discrimination against women, the ministry is limited in its ability to handle broader urgent issues like gender and generational conflicts, a shrinking population, and social problems for the elderly. According to Lee, the Ministry of Health and Welfare, and the Ministry of Employment and Labor would take up the Ministry's responsibilities. He said that the Ministry of Health and Welfare will house a new agency responsible for population, family, and gender equality concerns.


Lee said the Democratic Party has been notified of the proposals for reorganization, and that opposition party officials had expressed worry that they would reduce the current responsibilities of the ministry for gender equality. The roles and responsibilities entrusted to the ministry would be carried out more effectively, according to Lee, under the anticipated restructure.


Never Miss Out On Opportunities

So, the other day I almost missed an import contract interview because of a power outage.
It was early morning and we were awoken by the sound of a loud bang. It sounded like someone had just thrown a small rock at our window. The noise was so loud that it woke up my wife and son, who were fast asleep in their beds. We immediately rushed downstairs and found out that the power outage that took place last night had affected us as well. We asked and heard it had to do with a transformer, only God knows when this would be fixed. For someone who works mostly from home, to avoid the tedious commute to the office, power and internet supply are the most important things to me.
Well, I have a sizeable fuel generator as a backup for such times as this so I was a little relaxed. I have the contract interview in 4hrs and some work to attend to before then so I promptly went to put on my generator but unfortunately, it wouldn't start. I know it's been giving issues and Sanusi keeps fixing it, but this shouldn't happen today of all days. PC was already running out of charge since I have been working on it all morning. I planned to buy a new fuel generator anyway. Why should this happen today of all days? 
Against my will, I called a neighbour to help with his generator because I had to do what I had to do. His phone wasn't connecting– he must be in a meeting or had network issues. I quickly remembered I'd been reading about Eden Power on Freshly Pressed. Is it something I can easily get in less than 3hrs in this Lagos knowing the traffic and all? I've been contemplating getting the Portable Power Station instead of the fuel generator. 
I quickly contacted the company and to my astonishment, customer care said they could deliver to me immediately after they confirm the transaction. Oh, yes they did and the rest they say is history.  
I was really excited to get the interview, by connecting to their Laptop Powerbank!
I didn't know it at the time, but that was my one chance to solidify my bid for the import contract. It would have been hard to explain to them why I had to cancel our meeting because of a power outage.
Eden Power Solar Products are the most efficient, powerful, and reliable solar power stations in Nigeria. They can be used for work, recreation, or at home. The Portable Power Station has got enough power to charge your PC for the whole day while the bigger Perpetual Power Station keeps your entire house running for 24 hours. It's easy to install, so you can get started right away—just follow the simple instructions in the user manual and you'll be ready to go in less than an hour!
The only thing that matters is that you have enough power. And with Eden Solar Products, you can rest easy knowing that you'll be able to get the energy you need, no matter what the weather's like outside or whatever PHCN does.
These products use abundant Sunlight and you do not need to charge them with electricity or anything of such the way some light bulbs are. No. You just need to place it on the balcony or wherever sunlight can touch it. It doesn't need any special installation.  
What are you waiting for? Contact the company rep right away HERE.


No Turning Hack Now

The Story

New research shows that journalists and human rights defenders located in Mexico were hacked using Pegasus, spyware made by Israeli technology firm NSO Group, as recently as 2021.


Who used it?
The research shows that the Mexican government used the software even after it had publicly promised to stop doing so. NSO Group has claimed in the past that its software would only be used by its government clients to combat crime and terrorism, but last year, the software was revealed to have been used on 15,000 non-criminal individuals, including children and victims of state-sponsored crime. After this information was revealed, Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador promised his country would no longer use Pegasus.


How was the latest use discovered?
The most recent research on Mexico’s continued use and abuse of the software was conducted by R3D and The Citizen Lab at the University of Toronto, two digital rights researchers. For their part, NSO Group denied any fault in the matter, claiming that they only made the weapon but never fired it: “NSO licenses Pegasus solely to law enforcement and intelligence agencies of sovereign states and government agencies following approval by the Israeli government. When we determine wrongdoing, we terminate contracts.”


What's the attraction to the targets?
Their study shows that human rights defenders (and two journalists who report on government corruption) were amongst Pegasus’ latest victims. One of the journalists, Raymundo Ramos, was hacked at least three times by the government, including after his coverage of footage showing Mexican army soldiers murdering citizens. In response to NSO, a spokesman for Citizen Lab said, “NSO’s claims to be the only party that can ‘truly’ verify infections is like a robber claiming to be the only one who can truly confirm whether he committed a crime.”


Citizen Lab’s statement says: “These latest cases, which come years after the first revelations of problematic Pegasus targeting in Mexico, illustrate the abuse potential of mercenary spyware in a context of flawed public accountability and transparency. Even in the face of global scrutiny, domestic outcry, and a new administration that pledged to never use spyware, the targeting of journalists and human rights defenders with Pegasus spyware continued in Mexico.”


Quora Question:

QUORA QUESTION: As a flight attendant, what's the shadiest thing you've seen a passenger do?

Myriam Frafar

I was giving out breakfast, 2 hours before landing, on a night flight. A lot of passenger were sleeping. When they do, and if I can drop the table, I will and put their breakfast tray on it. Otherwise I would go back and forth for ages as passengers slowly wake up one after the other.


So anyway, after breakfast I was picking up the empty tray, when this one passenger asked me for his breakfast. I did put his breakfast on his table, but the guy sitting near him just ate it!


I couldn’t believe it!


He ate his breakfast and the one belonging to his seat mate, a complete stranger!

Eid-el-Maulud: FG declares Monday public holiday


Bandits release remaining 23 train hostages, families rejoice


Tinubu returns to Nigeria after 12 days in UK


FG, ASUU fail to reach agreement on out-of-court settlement


NNPC discovers illegal oil pipeline operating for nine years


Ngige has turned ASUU strike to personal quarrel, says Jega


Kogi seals, moves to recover Obajana cement plant from Dangote


South Africa’s rail and port workers go on strike over wages


WHO warns of ‘contaminated’ cough syrup as 66 children die in Gambia


Kenya exports tea to Ghana in first AfCFTA trading deal


82-year-old French writer wins Nobel Prize in Literature


Obama Foundation Scholars Program


Launched in 2018, the Obama Foundation Leaders program is a six-month, virtual leadership development journey that seeks to inspire, empower, and connect emerging leaders to accelerate positive and lasting change in their communities, in their regions, and across the world. The Foundation operates Leaders programs in three regions internationally: Africa, Asia-Pacific, and Europe.


The Obama Foundation Scholars program will give rising leaders from the United States and around the world who are already making a difference in their communities the opportunity to take their work to the next level through an immersive curriculum that brings together academic, skills-based, and hands-on learning.


Application Deadline: 21st October 2022. APPLY HERE

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Republic of Benin

Official Name: Republique du Bénin
Short form: Bénin
Formerly: Republic of Dahomey

Country Calling Code: +229

Capital City: Porto-Novo
Largest City and Economic Capital: Cotonou 


Population: 13,754,688 (2022 estimate)
Currency: West African CFA franc (XOF)

Ethnic groups: 42 (Major:  Fon, Adja, Yoruba, and Bariba)

Official Language: French
President: Patrice Talon

GDP Per capita (PPP): $2,552 (2019 estimate)


Name the cable 

Now that Apple will have to use USB-C connectors for iPhones in the EU, let’s see how well you know your cables. Can you identify the six cables below?



1. Ethernet
2. VGA
3. USB-C
5. USB 2.0 to Mini USB
6. Coaxial cable


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