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Good Morning. A few days ago, Nigeria's Twitter space was awash with hilarious replies to the question "How did you know you weren't going to get the job during your job interview?'' A common reply that stood out was salary expectation.


New York City employers are now legally mandated to share pay ranges on job postings. Apart from helping close the gender pay gap, there would be fewer awkward salary conversations during job interviews. 

Brazil. President Jair Bolsonaro has broken the silence he had maintained since being defeated in Sunday's presidential election. He thanked voters who had cast their ballots for him but did not acknowledge defeat. But he did not contest the result either, as some had feared he would. His chief of staff says that the "process of transition" of power would begin.

Israel. Former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu appeared to hold a narrow lead early Wednesday in Israeli elections potentially paving the way for a return to power thanks to a boost from an extreme right-wing ally known for inflammatory anti-Arab comments. The exit polls were preliminary, and final results could change as votes are tallied overnight. However, they pointed to a continued rightward shift in the Israeli electorate, further dimming hopes for peace with the Palestinians.

Ukraine. The United Nations has called a halt to grain ships moving through Ukraine’s crop-export corridor, after Russia warned that ships weren’t safe using the route. Wheat prices rose after the UN announced the decision, taken jointly with Turkey and Ukraine. Russia suspended its role in the pact over the weekend, citing drone strikes against its naval vessels. The agreement -- signed in July -- guaranteed the safe passage of Ukraine crop exports, which are badly needed by food importers amid surging prices and a global cost-of-living crisis.

2006 Sultan Abubakar Enthroned

Mohammed Sada Abubakar, a retired army colonel, appointed as the 20th sultan of Sokoto and the spiritual leader of Nigeria's Muslims. The Sokoto Caliphate spread Islam across Nigeria in the 19th century. The previous Sultan, Ibrahim Muhammadu Maccido, was one of 99 people killed the previous Sunday when a Boeing 737 operated by domestic carrier ADC slammed into a cornfield minutes after take off from the capital Abuja.


Naira Decline: EFCC to the Rescue?

The Story
The federal government appears to be exploring non-conventional means in its efforts to halt the continuous decline of the Naira's value.


What means?
Officials of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) raided the offices of black market currency dealers in the federal capital territory (FCT), Abuja on Tuesday, November 1, 2022, arresting several Bureaux De Change (BDC) operators. According to a report by the Punch, the armed EFCC operatives stormed the Sheraton Hotel area of the FCT to make the arrests, and dragged the BDC operators into waiting vehicles, as pedestrians watched.


What crimes did the BDC operators commit?
That has not been made clear. Following the announcement by the Central Bank Nigeria (CBN) of plans to redesign and re-issue some denominations of the naira, the EFCC warned Bureau de Change operators against currency hoarders who would want to offload currencies illegally stashed away, before the deadline given by the CBN for old notes to be withdrawn from circulation. The CBN announcement had triggered a further decline in the naira, as it fell to N880/$1 on Monday, October 31. SOURCE


Long Way To Peace

The Story
It appears that it is still a long way before peace is achieved in the Ethiopia-Tigray conflict.


Ethiopia's Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has suggested that the pressure of “heavy foreign interference” in the peace talks with the Tigray administration may stall the achievement of truce. He, however, remains hopeful that a peace pact will be reached between the two conflicting sides. Decrying the impact of international pressure on the conflict, the PM said Ethiopians can solve their own issues without the external interference. “Of course, if there are lots of interventions from left and right, it’s very difficult,” Ahmed said, while speaking to the China Global Television Network (CGTN).


What's the progress of the talks?
Although they were initially scheduled to conclude on Sunday, the negotiations, which started on October 25 in South Africa, proceeded on Monday. A cease-fire in hostilities, as demanded by the AU and the UN, is the goal of the talks, although little information has been made public about the content or progress. According to the AFP news agency, a spokesperson for African Union Commission chair Moussa Faki Mahamat stated on Monday that "there was no date limitation" on the negotiations.


While confirming the federal army’s capture of the Tigray towns of Shire, Axum, and Adwa last month from the rebel Tigray People's Liberation Front (TPLF), the PM reiterated the federal government's stance against the secession of the Tigray region. “We are trying to convince TPLF to respect the law of the land, to respect the constitution, and to act as one state in Ethiopia,” he said. SOURCE


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A Troubled Bridge Over Waters

The Story
A 143-year-old suspension bridge in the western Indian state of Gujarat collapsed Sunday, just days after it was reopened to the public.


How did it happen?
Official details about the cause are still sketchy, but early reports suggest that the bridge gave way under a weight beyond its capacity. The accident involved hundreds of pedestrians, with 133 killed and another 177 rescued from the waters of the Machchu River. Many survivors are being held in hospitals with serious injuries. State officials have formed a special team to investigate the incident.


Is there suspicion of wrongdoing?
A company based out of Morbi (a nearby town), Ajanta Manufacturing Pvt. Ltd, reportedly received a 15-year contract to maintain the bridge. The company is mainly known for making clocks, mosquito racquets, and electric bikes. According to a Morbi city official, the company also did not receive a “fitness certificate” before reopening the bridge.


The bridge collapse marks the third crowd-related disaster in Asia this month. On Saturday evening, over 150 partygoers in Seoul, South Korea were killed in a crowd surge during Halloween festivities. On October 1, Indonesian police fired tear gas at a soccer match, sparking a crowd crush that caused 132 deaths. SOURCE


Most Dangerous Book in the World

Quora Question: What is the most dangerous book in the world?

Alex Johnston
That's the book in the image. That is an image of one of Marie Curie’s lab notebooks.

Marie Curie and her husband Pierre discovered polonium and radium, and she is generally credited with being one of the most important pioneers in the study of radioactivity.

Radioactivity was so poorly understood that she and Pierre kept samples of these substances in their pockets and handled them freely. They wore standard lab clothing.

She died of aplastic anaemia, which was a consequence of her being exposed to so much radiation, but not before she won two Nobel Prizes, in both physics and chemistry.

After she died, the Curie’s house kept on being used by the Institute of Nuclear Physics, before being abandoned in 1978.

But her notebooks were transferred to the Bibliotheque Nationale, where they still are.

The reason why her notebooks are the most dangerous book(s) in the world, is not so much because of the knowledge contained in them.

It’s because they’re still radioactive.

They are stored in a lead-lined box. If you want to consult them, you have to sign a waiver. You can only inspect them in a special reading room away from the other reading rooms, you have to wear protective clothing, and you have to use contamination monitoring during and after handling.

Naira continues free fall, hits N815/$ at parallel market


Fasoranti counters Adebanjo, says Afenifere didn’t endorse Peter Obi


Lagos-Ibadan Expressway: Students fundraise ransom


I won’t work for Atiku if Ayu stays, Makinde vows


Police force to 1m, make JAMB free’ — Kwankwaso unveils manifesto


Several feared dead as fire guts building in VI Lagos


Fire guts Tejuosho market, destroys goods worth millions


Police confirm death of Davido’s son, pick up staff for questioning

In Russia, patriotic critics speak out on Ukraine war failures

US woman sentenced to 20 years for leading all-female ISIL unit


Graduate Trainee At NLNG


Nigeria LNG Limited (NLNG) seeks to engage suitably qualified candidates as Graduate Trainees.


NLNG is a globally competitive LNG company helping to build a better Nigeria to harness Nigeria’s vast natural gas resources and produce Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) and Natural Gas Liquids (NGLs) for the domestic and export markets.


Application Instruction
Interested applicants should visit the company website and follow the instructions below for more details on eligibility and how to apply:

- Log on to www.nigerialng.com
- Click on “Careers,”
- Click on “Current Vacancies,”
- Select “Register with Us” to register
- Click on Job Search
- Click on Start and scroll down to select the job.
- Click on the title of the position to access the job details and click “apply”
Attach/upload copies of only the specified documents in PDF format on the portal

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Official Name: Romania

Region: Southeastern Europe
Short form: Romania
Government: Unitary Semi-presidential Republic


Country Calling Code: +40

Capital City: Bucharest
Independence Day: December 1, 1990


Population: 19 million (2022 estimate)
Currency: Romanian leu (RON)

Official Language: Romanian
President: Klaus Iohannis

GDP Per capita: $38,097 (2022 estimate)


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