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Good morning. Eleven-year-old UK boy receives highest possible Mensa IQ score, beating Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking. Yusuf of a possible Middle East origin scored in the top one per cent of people and wasn’t intimidated by taking the test in a room full of adults. 


Talent is universal, opportunity is not.

Peru. Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador said that this week's meeting of the Latin American regional Pacific Alliance will be canceled because Peruvian President Pedro Castillo was barred from leaving Peru by the country's congress. Lawmakers are investigating Castillo, who holds the Pacific Alliance presidency, for corruption.

Global Economy. The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) projects that global growth will slow from 3.1% in 2022 to 2.2% next year. Europe's economic growth will be hit especially hard by inflation and the energy crisis, with the U.K. expected to lag behind Eurozone countries, the OECD said in a new report.

World Cup. Saudi Arabia's men's football team beat Argentina 2-1 in what was one of the biggest upsets in World Cup history. The loss to the 51st-ranked Saudi team means that Argentina can only advance into the play-off stage as group runner-up by beating both Mexico and Poland. Argentina had not lost in a game in which Messi scored since 2009. Before the loss, Argentina enjoyed a 36-game winning streak, and before the Saudis scored their second goal, Argentina had not trailed in a game for nearly 2,400 minutes.

2009 President Yar'Adua Goes to Saudi Arabia

President Umaru Musa Yar'Adua jetted to Saudi Arabia for medical treatment. He did not officially hand over to Vice-President Goodluck Jonathan. He was never seen in public again, and his absence created a power vacuum which was usurped by a cabal.


Subsidy for the 'Rich'

The Story
The World Bank has decried Nigeria's huge subsidy payments, and how subsidy benefits only rich households and diminishes government spending on poor Nigerians.


What led to the bank's comment?
The bank expressed its fiscal concerns for Nigeria in a statement on its website announcing the launch of the new Nigeria Public Finance Review report. According to the bank, Nigeria’s inadequate resources is being consumed by inefficient and regressive subsidiaries on petrol, electricity and foreign exchange. The world bank highlighted the link between the humongous, and largely unaccounted subsidy payments and Nigeria's revenue shortfall, as well as the impact of this on the country's development.


What's the impact?
The international lender noted that Nigeria had one of the lowest revenue and public expenditure levels in the world, which explains the government’s inability to improve service delivery. “Available data suggest that these subsidies, which accounted for more than the amount spent on education, health, and social protection in 2021, benefit primarily wealthy households. They also distort incentives, discourage investment, and crowd-out spending on pro-poor programs, thereby hindering progress in Nigeria’s social development", the statement read.


The bank’s Nigeria Country Director, Shubham Chaudhuri, who spoke at the launch in Abuja on Monday, said, “Nigeria is at a critical historical juncture and has a choice to make. A child born in Nigeria today will be only 36 percent as productive when she grows up as she could be if she had access to effective public education and health services, and has a life expectancy of only 55 years. These stark indicators illustrate the urgency for action by Nigeria’s policymakers to improve the macroeconomic and fiscal framework, so as to sustainably enhance the quality of spending and public services at Federal and State levels.” SOURCE


Eyeing Another Term

The Story
South Africa's President Cyril Ramaphosa looks set to secure another five years term as leader of the country.


Is South Africa holding an election?
No, it is not. Ramaphosa is way ahead in the race for the leadership of the ruling African National Congress (ANC) for the next five years. If the party wins the country's next general elections, its leader will take South Africa's top job. The result of nominations for the ANC’s top six positions, which was announced on Tuesday, showed Ramaphosa with a largely insurmountable lead ahead of his nearest rival for the top job.


How do they stand?
Ramaphosa's bid for a second term as the party's president is being challenged by Zweli Mkhize, a former health minister who resigned during Covid-19 following corruption allegations. Ramaphosa polled 2,037 nominations from party branches, while his closest rival Mkhize polled 916. On the deputy president race, outgoing ANC treasurer general, Paul Mashtile, also leads two other contestants. With nominations out of the way, candidates will now seek the votes of party members during the party’s 55th National Elective Conference in December. SOURCE


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Bolsonaro Does a Trump on Lula

The Story
Brazil's president Jair Bolsonaro has rejected the outcome of the country's recent presidential election.


What's he saying?
About a month after his failed re-election bid, Bolsonaro on Tuesday demanded that the electoral authority annul votes cast on most of the country's electronic voting machines, as he blamed a software bug for allegedly compromising the integrity of the election. If the electoral authority yields to his demands, Bolsonaro will emerge winner, with 51% of the remaining valid votes.


Is there evidence to the bug claim?
Independent experts have dismissed the claim, arguing that the bug doesn't affect the reliability of the election results. Defending Bolsonaro's claim, Valdemar Costa, Liberal Party leader and the auditor hired by the party told reporters in Brasilia that their evaluation found about 280,000 machines (about 59% of the total used in the October 30 runoff) lacked individual identification numbers in internal logs. The party, however, did not explain how that may have impacted the election results.


Has the election authority responded?
Reacting to the development, the election authority suggested that for the complaint to be treated, the whole election, including the results from the first electoral round on October 2 - which favoured Bolsonaro's party, must be reviewed. The Liberal Party won more seats in both congressional houses than any other party in the first round of voting on October 2. According to Alexandre de Moraes, jurist at Brazil's Superior Electoral Court, the court would not consider the complaint unless the party submitted an amended report within 24 hours that included those first round results. SOURCE


What's the Second Most Pleasurable Bodily Sensation?

Quora Question: What is the second most pleasurable bodily sensation?


David Moore: Probably orgasming. Possibly pooping.


If you thought that ‘sex’ was the most pleasurable bodily sensation, then you’ve probably never known severe thirst.


There’s a reason why so much religious literature (especially from the dry Middle East) makes reference to water and our need for it. Intercourse is a trivial bonus compared to consumption of the stuff the human organism depends on most.

Buhari to unveil new naira notes Wednesday — no longer Dec 15


Probe of Kuje attack concluded — but outcome won’t be publicised


International Breweries gets new MD


Ronaldo leaves Man Utd with immediate effect after explosive interview


Giroud makes history, Saudis get public holiday… highlights of World Cup Day 3


Death toll from Indonesia earthquake rises to 162

Ukraine raids 1,000 year old Russia-backed Kyiv monastery

We lived there once’: An underwater mosque resurfaces in India

US progressives reject Republican push against Ilhan Omar

FTX meltdown threatens to end ‘Wild West’ era for crypto


Trump refused to return, says Twitter 'may not make it'


Ikore Graduate Trainee Program


The 6-month graduate trainee program is designed to attract individuals that are passionate about Agricbusiness in Africa and are willing to learn and contribute their knowledge to the development of the sector. The Program will provide an intensive learning opportunity for young and aspiring professionals and project managers who will like to work with Agric businesses.


Ikore International Development Limited (Ikore) is an international development organization, proffering innovative solutions to drive sustainable social and enterprise development. They work in hard-to-reach, economically deprived places and vulnerable communities torn apart by instability across Nigeria and Africa, providing solutions that support inefficient markets and communities. In the Agricultural Sector, they facilitate inclusive market growth by deploying strategies that promote value chain competitiveness and build resilient communities, ensuring bumper harvest for rural poor farmers in those communities.


Application Deadline: December 2, 2022. APPLY HERE

Book Review — When Breath Becomes Air by Paul Kalanithi. Medium


Reddit users recount their creepiest experiences. Reddit

The biggest invention the year you were born. Espresso

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Official Name: The State of Qatar

Region: Western Asia
Government: Unitary Islamic Parliamentary Semi-Constitutional Monarchy


Country Calling Code: +974

Capital City: Doha
Independence Day: 1 September 1971


Population: 2,795,484 (2020 estimate)
Currency: Qatari riyal (QAR)

Official Language: Arabic
Emir: Tamim bin Hamad

GDP Per Capita: $82,877 (2022 estimate)


Past World Cup Quiz

#1. In the 1994 World Cup, Diego Maradona played only 2 matches before failing a drug test. If one of the matches he played was against Greece, who was the other opponent?

#2. The official song for the 1998 World Cup was called “La Copa de la Vida”. Which Latin American singer recorded the song?

#3. Txiki Begiristain who scored for Spain in the 1994 World Cup against Switzerland is currently a highly-regarded director of football for which club?

#4. Which nation has won the most World Cups?

#5. Where was the inaugural World Cup in 1930 held?




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