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Good morning. After a last minute ban of alcohol at the World Cup games by Qatar, Budweiser is taking matters into their own hands. Instead, it'll ship unsold beer to the winning country of the World Cup.

What an incentive!

Iran. Attorney General Montazeri announced that the country is abolishing the morality police and reviewing hijab regulations. Protests against strict Islamic dress code enforcement have erupted since the death of a young woman in September. But activists feel this change is just an eyewash to quell the protests. They believe this will not put an end to protests as they have turned from anti-hijab to anti-establishment. Anti-hijab protests have left at least 300 dead, according to rights groups.

World Cup. France and England are now set for a World Cup quarter-final match that will see the two giants of European football square off on Saturday, December 10. The two teams stormed through to the quarter-finals with a flurry of goals that saw them convincingly end the tournament runs of Poland and Senegal. The big names from both winning teams were in top goal-scoring form on Sunday: France’s Mbappe and Giroud provided the 3-1 goals that defeated Poland, and England’s Henderson, Kane and Saka put three in the net for their 3-0 win over Senegal.

South Africa. President Cyril Ramaphosa, embroiled in scandal and under threat of impeachment, has no intention of resigning and will fight both politically and judicially, his spokesperson said. Ramaphosa’s position came into question after an independent parliamentary panel said in a report he might have violated the oath of office with regards to millions of dollars in cash found at his private game farm. A three-member parliamentary panel, including a former chief justice of the country’s highest court, said Ramaphosa “may have committed” acts contrary to the law and the constitution, paving the way for impeachment proceedings.

1945 Disappearance in the Bermuda Triangle

At 2:10 p.m., five U.S. Navy Avenger torpedo-bombers comprising Flight 19 take off from the Ft. Lauderdale Naval Air Station in Florida on a routine three-hour training mission. After having completed their objective, Flight 19 was scheduled to take them due east for an additional 67 miles, then turn north for 73 miles, and back to the air station after that, totaling a distance of 120 miles. They never returned.


Trading Failure Blames

The Story
The Nigerian Governors Forum has responded to the federal government's claim that governors in the country are to blame for the high level of poverty in Nigeria.


What's their response?
The governors said that the impact of insecurity on trade and agriculture was to blame for the rising rate of poverty among Nigerians. Additionally, they claimed that by doing nothing, the federal government had allowed "bandits, insurgents, and kidnappers to turn the country into a killing field." The forum made the case that the governors had successfully initiated important projects in each of their states, and cannot be blamed for the obvious shortcomings of the federal government. The governor of Ondo state, Rotimi Akeredolu, also dismissed president Buhari's claim on how governors steal funds meant for local governments.


What's there to dismiss?
Akeredolu denied tampering with funds meant for the local government areas in the state. The governor's Chief Press Secretary, Richard Olatunde, in a statement on Saturday said that since assuming office, Akeredolu and his administration have not touched funds allocated to the state's local governments. “As a matter of policy, monies meant for local governments are shared at their monthly Joint Account Allocation Committee. Mr Governor doesn’t touch local government funds. The local government chairmen can attest to the fact that they have total freedom in the management of their funds", the statement read. SOURCE


Reward For Effort

The Story

Kenya’s Charlot Magayi was among the winners in the 2022 edition of the Earthshot Prize.


How did she win?
Magayi won with her clean cooking innovation, Mukuru Clean Stoves, which aims to bring cleaner-burning stoves to women in Kenya and the African continent. With more than 950 million people in sub-Saharan Africa relying on heavily polluting wood and charcoal for cooking, a number that is estimated to rise to 1.67 billion by 2050, Magayi's innovation is seen as a crucial contribution to efforts aimed at cleaning up our planet.


What's the value of the prize?
The 29 years old Kenyan received $1.2m with the win. A project she began in 2017 at Mukuru kwa Njenga, one of the biggest slums in Kenya's capital city, Nairobi, the Mukuru Clean Stove is said to emit 90% less pollution compared to wood and even much less than charcoal. At approximately $10 each, the stove provides an affordable and healthier cooking alternative to low income families. SOURCE


A Bank With No Hidden Charges

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No More Awkward Happy Hours For Us

The Story

For refusing to take part in seminars and weekend social events, a French man referred to in court documents as Mr. T was fired by his employer, Cubik Partners, in 2015.


Why did he refuse?
According to his lawyers, his refusal was because these “work events” were rife with “excessive alcoholism” and “promiscuity.” He expressed his discomfort with the events, which he said involved “humiliating and intrusive practices,” including mock sexual acts, crude nicknames, and sharing a bed with a colleague.


Why are they in court?
Mr. T was not satisfied with the reasons for his sack. Hired as a senior consultant in February 2011, he rose to the post of Director in February 2014, but was fired after a year for “professional incompetence”, and for not adhering to company values. In addition to that, the company noted his sometimes “brittle and demotivating tone” toward his employees, as well as his inability to accept feedback and differing opinion.


Has the court ruled on the case?
Yes, it has. In what has been tagged a victory for introverts everywhere, Mr. T won his case as the court wasn't convinced by the company's arguments. Noting his entitlement to “freedom of expression”, the Court of Cassation ruled that Mr. T's reluctance to participate in social activities was backed by his “fundamental freedom” under labor and human rights laws, and was not grounds for a dismissal.


His demand for €461,406 ($481,207) in compensation was rejected in a previous hearing on the case, but after his victory, the judge ordered Cubik to pay him around €3,000 ($3,120) in damages. SOURCE


Superpower after an Accident?

Quora Question: Is there someone who got real life superpowers after an accident?

Jason Padgett

He was a party animal who hated school and got terrible grades. One day two men savagely attacked and robbed Jason in front of a karaoke bar leaving him with a severe concussion. The concussion caused him to become a mathematical genius and it made him learn fractal geometry which he had never been taught before. He went on to become a reputed mathematician.

9 of 10 medical consultants leaving Nigeria –MDCAN


Govs stealing LG funds, says Buhari, NULGE backs President


Aisha Buhari bows to pressure, withdraws case against Internet critic


Buhari spends 225 days on medical trips, visits 40 countries


FCDA reclaims Ghana, Malaysia, Thailand plots in Abuja


Pat Utomi - Two former heads of state supporting Obi’s presidential bid


Pele receiving ‘end-of-life care’ as cancer battle worsens

Putin taking war in Ukraine to new level of ‘barbarism’: US

White House slams Trump’s call for ‘termination’ of constitution

At least nine drown during baptism ceremony in Johannesburg

Blinken warns Netanyahu on annexation of occupied West Bank


World Press Photo Contest


The annual World Press Photo Contest recognizes and celebrates the best photojournalism and documentary photography produced over the last year. Enter your work for free and you could win €1,000 as a regional winner and an additional €5,000 as a global winner, have your work showcased to a global audience, and more.


Entering the World Press Photo Contest is free and open to all professional photographers working in the field of photojournalism and/or documentary photography.

Application Deadline: 10 January 2023. APPLY HERE

Celebrities hanging out with their younger selves. Reddit


Book Review — Don’t Trust Your Gut by Seth Stephens-Davidowitz. Medium

Where your airtime went and why you cannot browse. FreshlyPressed

The strangest museums in the world. WonderList



Aristotle (384–322 BC) was a Greek philosopher and polymath during the Classical period in Ancient Greece. Taught by Plato, he was the founder of the Peripatetic school of philosophy within the Lyceum and the wider Aristotelian tradition.


His writings cover many subjects including physics, biology, zoology, metaphysics, logic, ethics, aesthetics, poetry, theatre, music, rhetoric, psychology, linguistics, economics, politics, meteorology, geology, and government. Aristotle provided a complex synthesis of the various philosophies existing prior to him. It was above all from his teachings that the West inherited its intellectual lexicon, as well as problems and methods of inquiry. As a result, his philosophy has exerted a unique influence on almost every form of knowledge in the West and it continues to be a subject of contemporary philosophical discussion.


Aristotle's views profoundly shaped medieval scholarship. He also influenced Judeo-Islamic philosophies during the Middle Ages, as well as Christian theology, especially the Neoplatonism of the Early Church and the scholastic tradition of the Catholic Church. Aristotle was revered among medieval Muslim scholars as "The First Teacher", and among medieval Christians like Thomas Aquinas as simply "The Philosopher", while the poet Dante called him "the master of those who know". His works contain the earliest known formal study of logic, and were studied by medieval scholars.


Aristotle has been called the father of logic, biology, political science, zoology, embryology, natural law, scientific method, rhetoric, psychology, realism, criticism, individualism, teleology, and meteorology.


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