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Good morning. Considering surgeons and astronauts need ~9 and ~6 years of schooling, respectively, a new fellowship for aerospace surgery at the University of Arizona could ring up one hefty tuition bill. While the 1st year tuition has been taken care of, the foundation is looking for additional philanthropic support for the next three years of the program.


But then again, conducting surgeries in outer space sounds pretty priceless. 

Basketball. The National Basketball Association (NBA) will retire the number 6 jersey worn by Boston Celtics great and civil rights icon Bill Russell, who died late last month. Russell, the league’s first Black coach, becomes the first player to have his number retired leaguewide.

World Cup. The opening date and opening match of the Qatar 2022 World Cup scheduled for Nov. 21, have been moved forward to Nov. 20. The first match, which will see Qatar and Ecuador face each other at 7 p.m. local time and not Senegal-Holland, which holds on the 21st with a new time (7 p.m.).

Kenya. Three days since voting ended in the closely contested presidential election, Kenyans are still awaiting the final results. William Ruto and Raila Odinga are shoulder to shoulder in the race. To win the presidency, either candidate must get more than 50% of the vote and at least 25% in at least 24 out of Kenya’s 47 counties.

1989 Samuel Okwaraji

Footballer Samuel Okwaraji died, aged 25, while playing a World Cup qualification match against Angola at the Lagos National Stadium in Surulere, Lagos State.


Imagine Nigeria

The Story
Vice-President Yemi Osinbajo has expressed optimism that Nigeria's challenges can be put behind and a thriving country can be achieved.


Where did he say that?
According to a statement by his spokesperson, Laolu Akande, the Vice-President expressed his confidence in the country's potential while representing his principal, Pressident Mohammadu Buhari at the virtual launch of "Imagine Nigeria". Nigerians have questioned the unusual quiet of the Vice-President since he lost his bid for the ruling APC's presidential ticket on June 8, 2022, a sharp contrast to his activity-filled schedule in the period leading to the party primaries.


What is "Imagine Nigeria"?
Imagine Nigeria is an initiative of the Federal Government, in collaboration with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), with the objective of answering the question, “what it would take to transform Nigeria?”. The initiative details the thoughts of contributors in a report. “It is a process of reflection and discussion by all Nigerians, especially young Nigerians on what the future of our country should look like", Osinbajo said, adding that “the pillars of change and the entire report are only the beginning of the imagining process".


What's in the report?
In the report, measures to address the country's challenges were grouped under "five pillars of change": Build a Culture of Innovation; Catalyze a Green Economy; Build trust; Facilitate a National Narrative; and Lead Africa. Reiterating that the task cannot be left to the government, Osinbajo said, "from here on it will now be up to us all – civil society groups, public and private sector think-tanks, professional and vocational associations, socio-cultural and political groups, to open up dialogues and conversations".


Complementing the Vice-President's comments, the Minister of Finance, Budget and National Planning, Zainab Ahmed, said the task of transforming the country is no longer the prerogative of government or a select few. “The launch of the project [Imagine Nigeria] as a collective reflection is an excellent opportunity for Nigerians to come together to define the national agenda,” she said. Source


Deadly Sierra Leone Protests

The Story
More than 25 people were reportedly killed in violent clash between anti-government protesters and the police in Sierra Leone.


What's the protest about?
The common challenge countries, globally, have had to deal with since the return to normalcy after the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic. The protesters had taken to the streets of Freetown, the country's capital city, on Wednesday to register their displeasure over inflation and the rising cost of living. Confrontation with the police, however, turned violent, claiming more than 25 casualties, including 8 police officers.


How did government react?
A curfew was imposed by the government, as officials point to the opposition as being responsible for the "act of terrorism". Lamenting the unfortunate incident, youth minister Mohamed Orman Bangura said the police officers - 6 men and 2 women - were "brutalized" and killed at the protest venue. Thirteen people were killed in Freetown, and another eight in Kamakwie and Makeni towns, according to report by Reuters, which cited hospital sources.


Disclosing that some arrests have been made, the youth minister described the protesters as terrorists, and accused the opposition of sponsoring them. "Those are not protesters. There's a difference between protest and riot, and acts of terrorism. Protesting is different from acting as a terrorist...going against the state, killing young police officers", Bangura said, adding that "this was well planned, calculated and financed by members of the opposition All People's Congress". Source


Aig-Imoukhuede Foundation Masters Scholarships


Are you between the ages of 25 and 45? Are you a civil servant? This scholarship opportunity may be for you.


The Aig-Imoukhuede Foundation invites applications for the 7th round of the AIG Scholarships, which offers an exciting opportunity for exceptional Nigerians currently working in the Nigerian public sector to attend the University of Oxford for one year and undertake a Master’s in Public Policy degree.


Application Deadline: September 9th, 2022. Apply Here


Finding Treatment For Sclerosis

The Story

Scientists are looking at the possibility of new treatment protocols for Multiple Sclerosis, after new findings in recent studies of the disease.


What causes the disease?
Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a relatively rare disease that causes the immune system to attack the protective covering of nerves, with the resulting nerve damage disrupting communication between the brain and the body. There have been efforts to properly understand its cause, including studies that pointed to certain gene variations and environmental factors. Also high on the suspect list is a common virus called Epstein-Barr virus.


What are the symptoms?
While their severity and duration may vary from person to person, MS symptoms include vision loss, pain, fatigue and impaired physical coordination. While the Epstein-Barr virus is common, infecting about 90% of the world's population, MS is a relatively rare disease that is said to be affecting about 3 million people globally. Currently, its treatment includes physiotherapy and medications that suppress the immune system.


What are the latest findings?
Discovered in 1964, the virus is said to easily spread, especially through saliva. Recent studies have reported that the disease is triggered when the central nervous system is impacted by the immune system's response to the virus’s attack. The latest findings have now raised hope for new treatment measures, including vaccines - encouraging news for patients, as the disease is reported to have defied current treatment protocols in some patients. People who have had the disease are said to have a possibility of developing other ailments, including cancer. Source

Wike sues Atiku, Tambuwal, demands recognition as candidate


Malami, NGF on collision course over $418m deductions


IGP to pay N1m compensation for parading businessman


Buhari reverses approval for Seplat to buy ExxonMobil shares


Tinubu, Peter Obi in war of words over fake news allegations


15 states fail to implement N30,000 wage for teachers


CAF launches $100 million Super League


Hostage standoff at Beirut bank ends with gunman’s surrender


US attorney general defends search at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home


Seoul to ban basement flats over hostoric flood


Five Rules to Remember When Investing


This is, by some measures, the worst start of a year in the stock market since the Great Depression.

A big index like the S&P 500 is down ~20%, which is bad but not unprecedented. Plenty of tech stocks are down 50%-80%, which is calamitous.

A few things stick out in my mind to keep it in perspective...

A Portrait of a Man Finding Himself (Prose) Afapinen

What Your Words are Saying About Your Culture. Kinesis

Five Passive Income Skills I Wish I Knew at 20. The Start-up

30 Famous Athletes Who Have Battled Drug Addiction. Drug Abuse

The fastest growing jobs. Visual Capitalist


Three headlines and a lie.


How much of Freshly Pressed did you read this week? Three of these headlines are real, and one is faker than a clean Nalgene. Can you guess the odd one out?


  1. Searching Mar-a- Lago.
  2. Are “grasshopper tornadoes” a threat for late summer?
  3. Tough talking governors.
  4. To the left, to the left.

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We made up the grasshopper tornadoes one.

If you got it correctly, our movie recommendation for your weekend is the documovie about Serena & Venus Williams, titled King Richard.

If you didn't get it correctly, read the newsletter back to back next week. Hehe

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